2018 SeaPerch

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Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Career and Technical Education is excited to announce that students from four middle schools and Spring Run Elementary School competed at the Fourth Annual CCPS Seaperch Challenge held at SwimRVA on Thursday, May 31, 2018. Seaperch is a nationally recognized event that encourages students to utilize science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and knowledge to design, build, test and compete with their underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The CCPS Seaperch Challenge is the culmination of a robotics project based learning technology and engineering unit. During the course of the grading period, students worked in two-person teams to design and build their ROV. Students were required to keep an engineering design journal to document their process. The ROVs are then used at the CCPS Seaperch Challenge where teams of students are required to move through four game categories: Relay, Collaboration, Maneuvering, and Recovery. Relay and Collaboration games require one team to compete against another team. The Maneuvering and Recovery games consist of teams competing against the clock.