Extended School Times

The 15 minutes added to the school day ends on Thursday, April 30.
Chesterfield County schools return to their normal schedule on Friday, May 1.

Administrative Staff Listing

Office of the Superintendent

  • Dr. Marcus J. Newsome,Superintendent
  • Dr. Sharon Thomas, Chief Executive to the Superintendent
  • Kim Smith, School Board Attorney

Business and Finance

  • Andy Hawkins,Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance
  • Susan R. Newton, Director of Management and Budget
  • Robert Aylor, Director of Finance
  • Warren Grigg, Director of Food and Nutrition Services
  • Dr. Robert Wingfield, Director of Pupil Transportation
  • John Behen, Director of Construction

Community Relations

  • Tim Bullis, Director of Community Relations

Human Resources/Administrative Services

  • Dr. Lyle Evans, Assistant Superintendent
    Human Resources & Administrative Services
  • Francine Bouldin, Director of Human Resources/Personnel
  • Kimberly Carter, Director of Human Resources/Benefits
  • Dr. Adam Seldow, Executive Director of Technology
  • Harold Saunders, Director of Professional Development
  • Wayne Kitchen, Director of Facilities


  • Donna Dalton, Chief Academic Officer
  • Dr. Beth Teigen, Executive Director of School Admin
  • Stacey Austin, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Mike Asip, Director of Exceptional Education
  • Dr. David Eshelman, Executive Principal of Career and Technical Education
  • Linda Wood, Director of Elementary Education
  • Dr. Joe Tylus, Director of High School Education
  • Sharon Pope, Director of Middle School Education
  • Dr. Cyndee Blount, Director of Elementary Education
  • Bob Talley, Director for Pupil Placement Services