Administrative Staff Listing

Office of the Superintendent

  • Dr. Marcus J. Newsome,Superintendent
  • Dr. Sharon Thomas, Chief Executive to the Superintendent
  • Kimberly Smith, School Board Attorney

Business and Finance

  • Chris Sorensen, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance
  • Susan R. Newton, Director of Management and Budget
  • Robert Aylor, Director of Finance

Community Relations

  • Tim Bullis, Director of Community Relations

Human Resources/Administrative Services

  • Dr. Lyle Evans, Assistant Superintendent
    Human Resources & Administrative Services
  • Francine Bouldin, Director of Human Resources/Personnel
  • Kimberly Carter, Director of Human Resources/Benefits
  • Brian Jones, Executive Director of Technology
  • Harold Saunders, Director of Professional Development


  • Donna Dalton, Chief Academic Officer
  • Dr. Beth Teigen, Executive Director of School Admin
  • Stacey Austin, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Mike Asip, Director of Exceptional Education
  • Dr. David Eshelman, Director of Career and Technical Education
  • Linda Wood, Director of Elementary Education
  • Dr. Joe Tylus, Director of High School Education
  • Dr. Sharon Pope, Director of Middle School Education
  • Dr. Cyndee Blount, Director of Elementary Education
  • Bob Talley, Director for Pupil Placement Services


  • Nita Mensia-Joseph, Chief Operating Officer
  • Warren Grigg, Director of Food and Nutrition Services
  • Dr. Robert Wingfield, Director of Pupil Transportation
  • John Brooks, Director of Construction
  • Cheryl Moss, Interim Director of Facilities