Frequently Asked Questions

For questions not covered here, contact the Food and Nutrition Services office at 743-3717.

Are school breakfasts and lunches nutritious?

Yes! Our school meals are healthy and meet the requirements set forth by the U.S. Agriculture Department and the Government Accountability Office. It is important to encourage your child to eat all the components, including fruits and vegetables. School lunches do not make children obese, but it is necessary to encourage your child to limit a la carte items and to exercise daily.

Are lunches from home more nutritious and less expensive?

No! Studies show that lunches from home are less nutritious, contain more snack foods and rarely include milk. Our lunches are a great value with good nutrition, which adds up to a great bargain for your child and your wallet.

Can I limit a la carte purchases for my child?

Yes! Please contact the food service manager at your child’s school or simply write on your check “meals only.” We encourage limiting snacks to two items with the purchase of a meal or with a meal brought from home, but you must decide what is best for your child.

Do a la carte items meet nutritional requirements?

Yes! They must meet at least 5 percent per serving of one of these categories: protein, vitamin A and C, riboflavin, thiamine, calcium, iron and niacin. Items like ice cream, chips, cookies and juices meet these requirements, but we recommend limiting them.

My child cannot drink milk. What are the options?

When a student cannot consume milk due to a medical condition, the federal program requires a “statement from a recognized medical authority” stating that a substitution is required. We provide two 4-ounce containers of juice as the approved substitution.

Do I have to fill out a free and reduced meal application each year?

Yes! The federal program requires that the application be filled out with all the required information before it can be processed. Parents need to fill out only one application for all the children they have in elementary and middle school. This application should list all school-age children. High school students must request a non-federal lunch program application from their school cafeteria because this program is separate from the elementary and middle school program.

Why was my free and reduced meal application denied?

If your income is too high or the information requested on the application was incomplete, your application will be denied.