Nutrition Information

Nutritional integrity is the goal of Chesterfield County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Department, which takes special care in selecting foods that are consistent with the recommended dietary allowances. Here are detailed ingredient lists and nutritional information about school breakfasts and lunches:

Farm to School

What is Farm to School?  This program was established to help provide healthy and nutritious food to school children while also providing local farmers with consistent and dependable outlets for their products.  Farm to School began in 1996 as a grass roots movement and now is active in over 40 states and is still growing.  This program plays on the trend of buying and growing locally.  We have instructed our local produce company to only, if affordable and of good quality, supply fruits and vegetables that are grown in the State when at all possible.  They then distribute it to our 64 schools based on when it is on the menu.

RECYCLING – The Three R’s


This school year the Chesterfield County Public Schools in conjunction with Chesterfield County has begun a comprehensive recycling program.  All staff including students will be trained on which items can be recycled, reused or how they can reduce the usage of some products.  The goal is to decrease as much as possible the amount of waste that is going to the landfill.

To be successful, a recycling program takes active participation by everyone at the school.  This new effort does not replace any recycling program currently in place.  This new program uses “Single Stream Recycling”.  It is much simpler to implement, in that all recyclable materials are collected in the same container and after pick-up, they are separated at the recycling center.  School staff and students will have lists posted and be trained on the types of materials that can be recycled.

Unfortunately, not all materials can be recycled.  Once polystyrene (foam) trays are contaminated with food, they cannot be recycled without the trays being washed.  Currently there is not a facility that recycles polystyrene trays.  The goal is to train all staff and students on “stacking” the trays after all food/trash items has been removed from them.  By doing this, it reduces the volume 20% or more.  Schools will have special containers for tray stacking.

Chesterfield County Public Schools is committed to conserving resources and being a better steward of the environment.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the start of a long lasting program that will teach our students to understand the many benefits of “Going Green”.