World Languages

Why begin learning a second language in elementary level?

Our children today will be

  • Communicating in languages other than English
  • Working in global or cross-cultural environments, and
  • Working with other to solve global challenges.

Elementary school children are at the most developmentally appropriate age to develop proficiency in a second language.  Our content-integrated curriculum makes learning a second language and culture fun while providing students opportunities to make connections to other disciplines.

How often will this class be offered?

Initially, elementary students will receive instruction  forty five minutes a week.

What will my child be able to do with the language?

Benchmark checklists and fridge lists will come home periodically to help you know what your student is learning as well as what you can do at home to help enhance their second language experience.

Vision Statement

We envision that every CCPS school will integrate World Language studies to enhance learning in all subject areas and to help students to develop the desire and skills to become lifelong learners and responsible members of the global community. World Languages Mission Statement
The mission of CCPS World Languages is to work in partnership with students, parents and the community to increase intercultural communications. We strive to motivate students who (are)

  • Able to communicate proficiently in two or more languages
  • Receptive to other cultures
  • Realize connections between their communities and others around the world

Contribute responsibly in an increasingly global and technologically advanced world.