Human Resources Contacts

Employment Verifications – 804.748.1984

Francine Bouldin

Executive Director of Human Resources
(804) 748-1984

Elizabeth Goetz

Human Resources Administrator
Elementary Teacher Staffing
(804) 748-1721

RJ Greger

Human Resource Administrator
Secondary Teacher Staffing
(804) 751-4978

Louisa Tighe

Human Resource Administrator
Exceptional Education/
Student Services Staffing
(804) 748-1718

Sharon Harris

Human Resource Administrator
Classified Support & General Education Aide Staffing
(804) 748-1720

Jennifer Taylor

Human Resource Administrator
Facilities, Student Transportation and Food Services Staffing
(804) 751-4730

Emily Massey

Human Resource Coordinator
Administrative Staffing
(804) 706-2864