Bailey Bridge Middle student wins Pocahontas commemorative flag design contest

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan. Pocahontas lived in what is now Chesterfield County with her husband, John Rolfe, before moving back to England and dying in a small town named Gravesend.

In recognition of this special commemoration, students from schools in Chesterfield County and Gravesend, England, were invited to participate in a competition to design a flag to be flown in both communities. Bailey Bridge Middle seventh-grader Elena Espinal was one of two winners selected from more than 60 entries in the design competition. Her flag featured a tree of life with branches forming the number “400.”

“We are so proud of Elena for being chosen as a designer of this commemorative flag,” said Rob Thompson, who represents Bailey Bridge Middle as the Matoaca District School Board member. “This was an amazing opportunity to compete and connect internationally with other students. We are excited to see Elena’s flag flying at Henricus Historical Park.”

The two winning designs – one from an American student, and another from an English student – were combined into a two-sided commemorative flag. It was unveiled last month during a special ceremony in Gravesend, England, during a special visit by a delegation of Chesterfield County representatives to celebrate the anniversary.

A replica of the flag was returned from England to fly at Henricus Park in Chesterfield.

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