Bermuda Redistricting

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Providing a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment for students remains a primary goal for Chesterfield County Public Schools.

With the passage of the 2013 school bond referendum, the School Board has implemented a school construction plan that will revitalize or replace some of our oldest facilities. The first two replacement schools will open during the 2018-19 school year; a replacement Beulah Elementary is scheduled to open in Fall 2018 and a replacement Enon Elementary in January 2019.

As discussed in February 2016 when the School Board declined to take action on a countywide redistricting plan, spot redistricting would become necessary when the replacement Beulah and Enon elementary schools opened. With the openings in less than 12 months, school division leaders have developed a spot redistricting proposal that will alleviate overcrowding in several Bermuda District elementary schools, more efficiently utilize classroom space and eliminate the need for some of the 250-plus learning cottages currently being used for instructional purposes.

Information about the redistricting proposal – including maps, lists of neighborhoods impacted, etc. – can be found below. In addition, families are invited to attend one of two Bermuda District community meetings:

  • Jan. 18: Bermuda District meeting at Elizabeth Davis Middle at 7 p.m. (specifically for Bermuda District families whose children will change elementary schools)
  • Jan. 24: Bermuda District meeting at Elizabeth Davis Middle at 7 p.m. (for all elementary school families in the Bermuda District)
  • Feb. 6: Public hearing at 6:30 p.m. at Thomas Dale High




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