Office of Management & Budget

The Office of Management and Budget has primary responsibility for coordinating budget preparation at all schools and departments and developing the annual financial plan under the direction of the Superintendent and School Board. Other responsibilities include approving and processing all change requests to the current year budget; managing budget execution and advising the Superintendent and School Board through quarterly reviews; administering the personnel position control data system; and preparing financial reports.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports – CAFR

Superintendent's Budget Advisory Committee

Adopted Documents

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Explaining Title I, II, III and IV

The U.S. government allocates Title I, II, III and IV funds according to formulas based on the size of the school district and the number of students in various categories.
  • Title I funds help to improve the academic achievement of disadvantaged students.
  • Title II funds mainly provide staff development for teachers and school administrators┬ábut may also be used to reduce class size in targeted schools.
  • Title III funds help students with limited English proficiency.
  • Title IV funds promote safe and drug-free schools and communities.
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