Vendor Payments

Chesterfield County Public Schools Vendor Payments

The information in the Excel files below is extracted monthly from the accounts payable data available in the county’s financial system and reflects only school division payments. All vendor payments are included, other than those that might risk disclosure of confidential, private or protected information under state and federal laws. This is to respectfully and legally protect our citizens, business partners, and employees. For more details please see the FAQs below. The payment information provided here is unaudited and users should not rely on the completeness of the data for any purpose except personal knowledge.

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***Requires Microsoft Excel for proper viewing and functionality***

Vendor Payments Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the monthly file be posted on this site? Files will be posted by the 20th of the month for payments made the previous month. Example: Payments made in October will be posted by November 20th.
  • Have you taken steps to protect citizens, business partners and employee’s private information? Yes. Certain state and federal laws require that some types of information be protected. This includes medical related information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and exclusions identified through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Good business practice also protects private and confidential information of citizens and business partners, information related to pending legal matters, and information that could jeopardize public safety enforcement. To request more information, please email
  • Can I find any vendor that does business with Chesterfield County? Generally, yes. If you can’t find a vendor there could be several reasons. If the nature of the vendor or of the school division’s business with that vendor is protected under state or federal laws or is considered private or confidential, that vendor will not be shown in these files. If the vendor has provided goods or services to the school division but has not yet received payment for those goods or services, then the vendor will not appear on the files. Information about payments to employee benefit providers is available upon request. Payments to a vendor on behalf of Chesterfield County government can be found on To request more information, please email
  • How are disbursements made through Procurement Cards shown? Payments made for purchases against a Procurement Card will be shown as a payment to Bank of America.
  • Why do I sometimes see the same check number multiple times? The information shown is being displayed at the department and account code level. If a single payment is made for either multiple departments or multiple accounts the check number will be displayed numerous times.
  • Can I view requirements contracts between the County and a vendor? Yes. Visit the county government’s Purchasing Department’s County Contract Search page where you can view contracts, and their associated solicitations, that the county government has established with vendors through a competitive procurement process. Only repetitive type purchases utilize requirements contracts. One-time purchases of goods, services and construction are not included in this listing.