2016 countywide redistricting proposal was not acted on by the School Board; considered too disruptive based on the number of students it proposed to move.
At that time, the School Board acknowledged the likelihood of redistricting when replacement and/or renovated schools were built and opened.
Old Hundred Elementary would open at approximately 62 percent capacity, allowing for future growth.
Watkins, Swift Creek, Evergreen and Woolridge students would be transitioned to Old Hundred
Additional changes to nearby school attendance zones would be made to balance enrollments, improve operational efficiency and provide cleaner boundaries.

Summary: As the School Board considers the expansion of gifted services throughout Chesterfield County to open doors for more children within their neighborhood communities while maintaining rigorous and equitable CBG programs, a variety of options have been evaluated. This document is intended to provide additional planning details to assist in the expansion of middle school… Full Article