Chesterfield County Public Schools announces its 2018 Teachers of the Year

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Balloons, banners and flowers filled the classrooms of three teachers at Chesterfield County schools today as School Board members and school division leaders announced the 2018 Teachers of the Year for elementary, middle and high and the countywide Teacher of the Year at surprise celebrations during national Teacher Appreciation Week.

Kyle King is Chesterfield County Public Schools’ 2018 Teacher of the Year, as well as the school division’s Elementary School Teacher of the Year. King joined the school division in 2015 as the librarian at Robious Elementary. Before coming to Chesterfield County, she was an elementary school teacher in Fairfax County for 12 years. King earned a master’s of education from the University of Virginia and a bachelor’s degree from Roanoke College.

King is known for her vision as the library serving as the center of the school. While she focuses on literacy, King takes time to bring in other engaging teaching techniques to create innovative learning opportunities. Through BRAIN-related learning centers, her students build, use reference materials, engage in art, access resources through the internet and practice note taking. The library is not just a place to check out books, but a place to interact with knowledge, use one’s imagination and explore both online and printed materials to have a powerful learning experience.

“Mrs. King is making a difference now and for decades to come,” School Board Chair Dr. Javaid Siddiqi said. “Her principal notes that she not only comes up with ideas, she makes them happen. She is willing to go above and beyond to provide her students with access to resources that will enhance their creativity, imagination and love of reading.”

Katherine Byers is Chesterfield County Public Schools’ 2018 Middle School Teacher of the Year. She is an eighth-grade language arts teacher at Midlothian Middle. Byers began her teaching career six years ago in Chesterfield County, completing her student teaching at Manchester Middle before joining the Midlothian Middle faculty in 2011. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Beth Lucas is Chesterfield County Public Schools’ 2018 High School Teacher of the Year. She teaches English at Bird High. Lucas’ career has spanned more than nine years in Chesterfield County Public Schools, first teaching at Monacan High before taking a position at Bird High in 2013. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Virginia.

“Outstanding teachers play a critical role in sparking a passion for learning while consistently challenging and engaging students,” Superintendent Dr. James Lane said. “The teachers we honor today are deserving educators who inspire our students and their colleagues, too. Their influence extends well beyond the four walls of their classroom. We honor their talents, their ability to create innovative and engaging lessons and their ability to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for all students. They represent the very best in public education.”

Annually, every Chesterfield County school selects a Teacher of the Year. Chesterfield County Public Schools selects from those honorees an Elementary School Teacher of the Year, a Middle School Teacher of the Year and a High School Teacher of the Year, and ultimately chooses the countywide Teacher of the Year from those three honorees. King’s nomination will be submitted to the Virginia Department of Education, which will select eight regional Teachers of the Year from across the state.

Here are the Teachers of the Year from Chesterfield County Public Schools:

Elementary schools

CCPS 2018 Teacher of the Year Kyle King

Kyle King is Chesterfield’s Teacher of the Year, Chesterfield’s Elementary School Teacher of the Year and Robious Elementary’s Teacher of the Year.

  • Bellwood Elementary — Melissa Anderson
  • Bensley Elementary — Katherine Toney
  • Beulah Elementary — Candace Gregory
  • Bon Air Elementary — Kim Hines
  • Chalkley Elementary — Gazetta Townes
  • Marguerite Christian Elementary — Karen Lovin
  • Clover Hill Elementary — Kristy Sharp
  • Crenshaw Elementary — Jennike Duignam
  • Crestwood Elementary — Debbie Davis
  • Curtis Elementary — Emily Grant
  • Davis Elementary — Heather Rumbaugh
  • Ecoff Elementary — Sarah Takacs
  • Enon Elementary — Cynthia Farias
  • Ettrick Elementary — Candace Fisher
  • Evergreen Elementary — Doug Rodgers
  • Falling Creek Elementary — Anne Glasco
  • Gates Elementary — Amanda Campbell
  • Gordon Elementary — Leslie Lenhart
  • Grange Hall Elementary — Kara Gallagher
  • Greenfield Elementary — Christy Yates
  • Harrowgate Elementary — Reshaud Johnson
  • Hening Elementary — Bethany Dancey
  • Hopkins Elementary — Nancy Boinest
  • Jacobs Road Elementary — Leah Hochstetler
  • Matoaca Elementary — Joy Duncan
  • Providence Elementary — Andrew Henderson
  • Reams Road Elementary — Tara Jenkins
  • Robious Elementary — Kyle King
  • Salem Church Elementary — Erin Jablonski
  • Elizabeth Scott Elementary — Kathleen Wetzel
  • Alberta Smith Elementary — Jennifer Kirkbride
  • Spring Run Elementary — Lauren Serpa
  • Swift Creek Elementary — Lauren Slingerland
  • Watkins Elementary — Sarah Matthews
  • Bettie Weaver Elementary — Brenda Thompson
  • Wells Elementary — Susan Wilson
  • Winterpock Elementary — Lori Iwanski
  • Woolridge Elementary — Abigail Wilson

Middle schools

CCPS 2018 Middle School Teacher of the Year

Katherine Byers is Chesterfield’s Middle School Teacher of the Year and Midlothian Middle’s Teacher of the Year.

  • Bailey Bridge Middle — Amanda Boor
  • Carver Middle — Kyle Berchtold
  • Elizabeth Davis Middle — Jason Adams
  • Falling Creek Middle — Angela Matthews
  • Manchester Middle — Christin Martin
  • Matoaca Middle — Annette Chartters
  • Midlothian Middle — Katherine Byers
  • Providence Middle — Colby Miller
  • Robious Middle — Sandra Guyer
  • Salem Church Middle — William King
  • Swift Creek Middle — Michael Maher
  • Tomahawk Creek Middle — Karen Colly

High schools

CCPS 2018 High School Teacher of the Year

Beth Lucas is Chesterfield’s High School Teacher of the Year and Bird High’s Teacher of the Year.

  • Bird High — Beth Lucas
  • Career and Technical Center @ Courthouse — Robyn Hilton
  • Career and Technical Center @ Hull — Kimberly Muchenje
  • Carver College and Career Academy — Sarah Marcellin
  • Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home – Barbara Kaminski
  • Clover Hill High — Bret Brooks
  • Cosby High — Jennifer Laskowitz
  • Thomas Dale High — Harvey “Dave” Duncan Jr.
  • James River High — Jessica Sanchez
  • Manchester High — Tina Simmons
  • Matoaca High — Nicole Neifeld
  • Meadowbrook High — Anthony Taylor
  • Midlothian High — Regina Warriner
  • Monacan High — Thomas Gurecki