Chesterfield County School Board names School Safety Task Force Members

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~More than 200 applications received from community members~

The Chesterfield County School Board recently announced the creation of the School Safety Task Force to evaluate current protocols and best practices to ensure the school division is providing a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment for all students, staff and administrators.  Prior to the recent tragedy in Florida, two Chesterfield School Board members, Midlothian representative Dr. Javaid Siddiqi, former Virginia Secretary of Education, and Clover Hill representative Dianne Smith, a gubernatorial appointee in 2013 to the governor’s School Safety Task Force, were actively looking into the creation of a task force.

“Our work as members of the Chesterfield School Safety Task Force will be to evaluate current practices and look at ways we can continue to improve the safety and security of schools throughout Chesterfield County.  We are fortunate to have Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran and former Virginia Secretary of Education Laura Fornash guiding the work as the Task Force co-chairs,” said Senator Rosalyn Dance (16th Senate District).

The Chesterfield School Board accepted more than 200 applications from community members to serve on the School Safety Task Force and Working Groups.  The four working groups that are being named will cover the partnership between Chesterfield Schools and Chesterfield Police, student safety, student conduct and student discipline and student support services.  Members are being appointed from each of the county’s five magisterial districts and include parents, teachers, staff members, students and other community members.

“I am excited to serve as a member of the Task Force as a representative from the Virginia House of Delegates.  I was recently appointed to the House Select Committee on School Safety, and I believe my work on both fronts will be a strong voice from the local and statewide perspective,” said Delegate Roxann Robinson (27th House District).

The first meeting of the School Safety Task Force will be held at the Chesterfield Career and Technical Center @ Hull, 13900 Hull Street Rd., from 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. April 24.

The Chesterfield School Board is appointing the following roster of members:

School Safety Task Force
Chesterfield County Public Schools

~Membership and Working Groups~

  • Co-Chair Honorable Brian Moran
    Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Co-Chair Honorable Laura Fornash
    Former Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Dr. Javaid Siddiqi
    Chesterfield School Board, Midlothian District
  • Dianne Smith
    Chesterfield School Board, Clover Hill District
  • Jim Holland
    Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, Dale District
  • Chris Winslow
    Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, Clover Hill District
  • Senator Rosalyn Dance
    16th Senate District
  • Delegate Roxann Robinson
    27th House District
  • Sheriff Karl Leonard
    Chesterfield County Sheriff
  • William Davenport
    Chesterfield Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Dr. James Lane
    Superintendent, Chesterfield Schools
  • Dr. Joe Casey
    County Administrator, Chesterfield County
  • Colonel Jeffrey Katz
    Chief of Police, Chesterfield County
  • Chief Loy Senter
    Chief, Chesterfield Fire & EMS
  • Debbie Burcham
    Executive Director, Community Services Board
  • Kristin Tait
    Assistant Principal, Swift Creek ES (Clover Hill District)
  • John Murray
    Principal, Matoaca HS (Matoaca District)
  • Jennifer Deckert
    Teacher, Harrowgate ES (Bermuda District)
  • Reginald Terry
    Teacher, Meadowbrook HS (Dale District)
  • Sonia Smith
    President, Chesterfield Education Association
  • Morgan Rhudy
    Student, James River HS (Midlothian District)
  • Robert Innes
    Task Force Member, Bermuda District
  • Lisa Mansfield
    Task Force Member, Bermuda District
  • Dr. John Deitrick
    Task Force Member, Clover Hill District
  • Matthew Rock
    Task Force Member, Clover Hill District
  • Honorable Henry Hudson
    Task Force Member, Dale District
  • Mark Bowen
    Task Force Member, Dale District
  • Stacey Haney
    Task Force Member, Matoaca District
  • Pam Welch
    Task Force Member, Matoaca District
  • Danielle Pierce
    Task Force Member, Midlothian District
  • Michelle Warden
    Task Force Member, Midlothian District

Working Group #1–Partnership Between Chesterfield Schools and Chesterfield Police

  • Chair: John Erbach (Chesterfield School Board, Dale District)

Staff Facilitators:

  • John Gordon (Chief of Schools)
  • Glen Pike (Safety & Security Assistant Manager)
  • Major Brad Badgerow (Chesterfield Police)


  • Matthew Botset (Bermuda District)
  • Lisa Madison (Bermuda District)
  • Katrina Goodman (Clover Hill District)
  • David Necessary (Clover Hill District)
  • Melvin Diaz (Dale District)
  • Nicole Wilcox (Dale District)
  • Dave McCoy (Matoaca District)
  • Ron White (Matoaca District)
  • Mona Siddiqui (Midlothian District)
  • Michael Young (Midlothian District)

Working Group #2–School Safety

  • Chair: Dianne Smith (Chesterfield School Board, Clover Hill District)

Staff Facilitators:

  • Donald Green (Safety & Security Manager)
  • Joe Tylus (Constituent Services and Student Leadership Executive Director)
  • Emily Ashley (Chesterfield County Emergency Management Coordinator)
  • Lt. Jason Seamster (Chesterfield Police)


  • Jim Lupachinno (Bermuda District)
  • Mark Snipes (Bermuda District)
  • Sabrina Adams (Clover Hill District)
  • Jennifer Porter (Clover Hill District)
  • Leah Claudio (Dale District)
  • Venson Wallin (Dale District)
  • Jeff Butler (Matoaca District)
  • Amrah O’Donnell (Matoaca District)
  • Pete Landergan (Midlothian District)
  • Angie Trueblood (Midlothian District)

Working Group #3–Student Conduct and Student Discipline

  • Chair: Rob Thompson (Chesterfield School Board, Matoaca District)

Staff Facilitators:

  • Chad Knowles (Constituent Services and Student Leadership Coordinator)
  • Ted Reynolds (Student Conduct/Intervention & Response Specialist)


  • Carrie Aus (Bermuda District)
  • Howard Corey (Bermuda District)
  • Ronald Hall (Clover Hill District)
  • Donald Skeen (Clover Hill District)
  • Orlando Allen (Dale District)
  • Holly Oehrlein (Dale District)
  • Tina Lao (Matoaca District)
  • James Nankervis (Matoaca District)
  • Gena Reeder (Midlothian District)
  • John Witherspoon (Midlothian District)

Working Group #4–Student Support Services

  • Chair: Carrie Coyner (Chesterfield School Board, Bermuda District)

Staff Facilitators

  • Bryan Carr (Counseling Coordinator)
  • Hope Murphy (Social Worker Coordinator)


  • NP Lundy (Bermuda District)
  • Dawn Williamson (Bermuda District)
  • Jana Kline (Clover Hill District)
  • Marianne Feeney (Clover Hill District)
  • Leslie Bowman (Dale District)
  • Melanie Mitchell (Dale District)
  • Erin Clark (Matoaca District)
  • James Copp (Matoaca District)
  • Ashley Mannel (Midlothian District)
  • Odette Ovies (Midlothian District)