Willing hands and hearts are welcome in Chesterfield schools, where volunteers play a vital role in the academic success of our students.

We make it easy for everyone to participate — whether you can help every day, once a week, once a month or once a year. There are many ways to volunteer, and we will help you find your place:

  • read to elementary students
  • help in a school office, cafeteria or clinic
  • sell tickets at a game
  • speak at a career day
  • organize information packets
  • chaperone a field trip
  • fill another need

There is a place for you in Chesterfield County Public Schools! If there is a specific school where you’d like to volunteer, please contact the principal or the school’s volunteer coordinator. If you don’t have a specific school in mind, call 748-1405 to talk with the community outreach coordinator. After volunteers fill out an application, their names will be checked against the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry.

Join Us! By engaging with our schools today,
you help our students imagine tomorrow.

“A healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment enables students, adults, and even the school as a system to learn in powerful ways. Such an environment promotes innovation, inquiry, and risk taking. Moreover, such an environment reinforces and enhances the leadership capacity in the school because competent, excellent, and dedicated educators want to work under such conditions.”

– William H. Parrett, Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools

As an individual

  • Mentor for Communities In Schools
  • Volunteer at a local school
  • Volunteer with Mega Mentors
  • Volunteer as a Watch DOG “dad”
  • Serve as a interpreter

As an organization

  • Host a school supply drive or adopt families during the holidays
  • Participate in a back-pack feeding program
  • Volunteer at a school-wide event as a team-building activity

As a donor

  • Provide funding to individual schools to sponsor student fees or field trips
  • Provide financial support for Communities In Schools

“It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading. Something that will stretch their imaginations–something that will help them make sense of their own lives and encourage them to reach out toward people whose lives are quite different from their own.”

– Katherine Patterson, Author Bridge to Teribithia and The Great Gilly HopkinsAs an individual

Be a reading buddy

  • Volunteer as a tutor
  • Volunteer for afterschool homework help
  • Work as a library assistant to shelve books or construct displays
  • Help with story time library activities

As an organization

  • Sponsor a little Free Library through Chesterfield STAR (Summertime Access to Reading)
  • Host a book drive
  • Fund an author visit or poetry slam
  • Be a mystery reader and share about your career

As a donor

  • Fund Chesterfield STAR through the Chesterfield Education Foundation
  • Support school book fair
  • Donate makerspace supplies like fabric, yarn, origami supplies, etc.
  • Donate money for books

“If we are going to help our students thrive, we have to move past “the way we have always done it,” and create better learning experiences for our students than we had ourselves. This does not mean replacing everything we do, but we must being willing to look with fresh eyes at what we do and ask, “Is there a better way?”

― George Couros, The Innovator’s Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity

As an individual

  • Be a guest presenter during STEAM resource class
  • Volunteering at STEAMmania
  • Be the “expert” to give feedback on student project work
  • Offer to co-teach a topic/subject area within a project with the teacher.
  • Help Kindergarteners login to Chromebooks
  • Volunteer to work in a school learning garden
  • Volunteer during fruit and veggie week

As an organization

  • Partner with a STEAM resource school to host a STEAM night
  • Sponsor our STEAM events
  • Hosting an interactive table for their career at STEAM Expo
  • Purchase or donate materials for classroom projects
  • Provide an off-site opportunity for students to experience
  • Provide opportunities to immerse the student in real world applications
  • Install and help maintain a earning garden

As a donor

  • Sponsor food for volunteers – STEAMmania or STEAM Expo
  • Sponsor food and/or door prizes at the end of the year PBL awards gala
  • Donations for instructional supplies to winning teachers who designs an awesome brief STEAM plan
  • Provide donations of consumables for STEAMmania, STEAM Expo, and teacher wish lists
  • Provide funding for school-related activities such as learning gardens or wellness initiatives

“The Profile of a Virginia Graduate describes the knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes that students must attain to be successful in college and/or the work force and to be ‘life ready’ in an economy and a world characterized by rapid change. “

-Virginia Department of Education A Profile of A Virginia Graduate

As an individual

  • Provide any form of work based learning such as paid and unpaid internships, job shadowing, or apprenticeships.
  • Participate in a Career Fair at your local school
  • Serve on a Career and Technical Education Advisory Council
  • Volunteer with the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Champions Program to help high school seniors prepare for the job market

As an organization

  • Provide any form of work based learning such as paid and unpaid internships, job shadowing, or apprenticeships for students participating in CTE programs.
  • Host an intern for an unpaid internship through our Community-Based Internship Program
  • Support career exploration by inviting students to learn about the various career opportunities in your organization
  • Participate in a job fair to hire high school students for part time work

As a donor

  • Provide funding for fees associated with Career and Technical Education through the CTE Scholarship Fund
  • Provide a scholarship for a student to attend the Next Move Program or VCU ACE-IT (Post-Secondary Programs)
  • Establish and/or fund college scholarship opportunities
  • Provide financial support to sponsor a Chesterfield Champions session at a local high school