Willing hands and hearts are welcome in Chesterfield schools, where volunteers play a vital role in the academic success of our students.

We make it easy for everyone to participate — whether you can help every day, once a week, once a month or once a year. There are many ways to volunteer, and we will help you find your place:

  • read to elementary students
  • help in a school office, cafeteria or clinic
  • sell tickets at a game
  • speak at a career day
  • organize information packets
  • chaperone a field trip
  • fill another need

There is a place for you in Chesterfield County Public Schools! If there is a specific school where you’d like to volunteer, please contact the principal or the school’s volunteer coordinator. If you don’t have a specific school in mind, call 748-1405 to talk with the community outreach coordinator. After volunteers fill out an application, their names will be checked against the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry.