CTC@Courthouse Dental Instructor started Honduran Dental Clinic

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Melinda Hitt, Dental Occupations Instructor at CTC@Courthouse started a Dental Clinic in Honduras in honor of her late infant son Peter.  For the past 3 years Melinda has been taking students to work in her clinic and to visit local Honduran elementary schools to give children free dental care.  While on spring break Melinda and her students treated 2,186 children.  The Central America School system recognized Melinda with a special award for “support, help, and donations done for their school system to improve children’s health and education.”  Melinda’s CTC@C students were with her as she was presented with this award.
Along with Melinda, her husband Corey collected laptops from local private schools to take to the Honduras students. Corey Hitt loaded educational software on the laptops and created a computer lab at a school in the mountains that serves 300 students. Corey also worked with the Honduran Telecommunication company to secure Internet connectivity to the computer lab.  Children at this school were only able to complete the 6th grade because of the difficulty attracting qualified teachers to move into the mountains to teach. However, now because of the laptops and Internet connectivity, these young students can learn online, thus expanding their knowledge of the world and opening their lives to exciting opportunities.

CTC@Courthouse Dental Instructor started Honduran Dental ClinicThank you!!