Elementary Report Card Revisions

The world is changing rapidly, which poses challenges to our work to prepare students for futures that we can’t even imagine. The class of 2020 is sitting in our fifth-grade classrooms right now. Many jobs that will be available when those children enter the workforce have not yet been invented. In a time when “school reform” has become a political buzzword, Chesterfield County Public Schools is demonstrating that real improvement happens in education when there is a collaborative commitment to a well-crafted, strategic vision that clearly focuses on what is best for students. Only through proper planning can we give our children the sound, well-rounded education that will help them live and compete successfully throughout their lives. The Design for Excellence 2020 provides the filter to make good decisions and the framework for our actions as we move forward to serve our students and community.

Within the Design for Excellence 2020 strategic plan are three goals designed to best prepare students for success in their futures. Here is Goal 1:

“All learners will acquire, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to solve meaningful problems and to achieve success as productive, thriving global citizens. Students will learn through active engagement, collaboration and exploration of personal interests, talents and ambitions across disciplines. Student learning and achievement will be measured and reported using clearly defined standards and performance assessments that measure student progress toward personalized learning goals.

Emphasis has been added to the last part of the goal, because one of the strategies to meet the goal includes implementing a grading and reporting system that effectively uses technology, reflects future practices and content, aligns with the strategic goals for students and is meaningful to parents and families.

A grading practices committee — including students, teachers, administrators, parents and instructional leaders — has been meeting for more than a year to develop the grading handbook and revised report cards.

An elementary school report card committee — including teachers and administrators from 12 elementary schools — was formed to study the current elementary report card and revise it to reflect the goals of the Design for Excellence 2020. One of the first things the committee did was to list pros and cons about the current report card structure and to list the practices teachers want to start, stop or continue.

Below is information that will help parents learn about our efforts:

  1. A PowerPoint on Elementary Report Card Revisions
  2. Frequently asked questions
  3. Examples of what grade-level report cards might look like

Parents are invited to attend one of two focus group meetings scheduled for further discussion: June 3 or June 5 at Monacan High School from 5:30-7 p.m.

If you have questions, please email them to ccpsinfo@ccpsnet.net.