Family and Community Engagement


Hey #oneCCPS Ts, what is a creative way that you engage your families through technology? Need help amping up your tech this year? Talk to your awesome school integrator! @EdTechCCPS

The Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is dedicated to boldly transforming traditional education by fostering partnerships and providing guidance-based solutions that engage families, schools, communities and businesses to support and affect excellence in public education.  The office supports the belief and vision that:

  • Excellence in education begins with strong relationships and partnerships within our academic and social communities.
  • All families have the capacity and desire to actualize the very best outcomes for their child.
  • Families and schools should be equal partners.
  • The responsibility for building and sustaining partnerships between school, home and community rests primarily within the school system.

The FACE Place at CTC@Hull welcomes all families and educators, providing resources and professional development to strengthen ties between home and school, families and teachers, and schools with the communities they serve.