First Review of the 2017-18 School Calendar

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CCPS MEMORANDUM #112 (2016)               December 13, 2016

TO:   School Board

FROM:  Dr. James F. Lane Superintendent

SUBJECT: First Review of the 2017-18 School  Calendar


Chesterfield County Public Schools proposed calendar for the 2017-18 school year includes 180 student days, beginning September 5, 2017, the first Tuesday after Labor Day. The school year ends for students on June 15, 2018, and for teachers June 16, 2018.

The calendar includes:

  • 180 instructional days;
  • 1 parent-teacher conference day;
  • 8 teacher workdays (including 5 full-day teacher workdays before the start of the students’ year);
  • 7 three-hour early release days for school-based professional development or teacher workdays; and
  • 2 iLearn days to support the implementation of the Design for Excellence 2020.

Parent-Teacher Conference Day

The calendar includes one parent-teacher conference day on November 6. Parents are encouraged to set appointments with their child’s teacher to review student achievement progress.

Students do not attend school on Parent-Teacher Conference Day.

Full Day Teacher Workdays/Professional Development Days

The calendar includes six full-day teacher  workdays:

  • Five full-day teacher workdays occur before students start school, during the week of August 28 through September 1 this includes one workday assigned for countywide staff development.
  • One full-day teacher workday/professional development day occurs on November 7.

Students do not attend school on full-day teacher  workdays.

Three-Hour Early Release Days

The calendar includes seven three-hour early release days, which will be used for school-based professional development or teacher  workdays:

  • Two three-hour early release/school-based professional development days occur on October 6 and March 16. These early-release days will provide time for teachers to work collaboratively in professional learning communities and to participate in professional development aligned with school improvement and district goals. A third professional development day for teachers occurs on half of the November 7 full-day teacher workday/professional development day.
  • Three-hour early release days/workdays are scheduled on November 3 (end of the first nine weeks), February 2 (end of the second nine weeks), April 13 (end of the third nine weeks), June 14 and June 15 (end of the fourth nine weeks).  The days are designated to be used for teachers to work on grades at the end of each nine weeks or in preparation for parent-teacher conferences on November 6.

Students will be released from school three hours early on each of these seven days.

iLearn Days

The calendar will include two iLearn Days for teachers. iLearn Days provide professional development to support the Design for Excellence 2020. The focus of the first iLearn Day for teachers and administrators will be on student engagement, as well as providing time for teachers to complete a variety of online training modules to include the following: Acceptable Use Policy; CCPS Safety training; English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL); Sexual Harassment; etc.

Student and Staff Holidays

The calendar includes these student and staff  holidays:

  • September 4/Labor Day
  • November 22-24/Thanksgiving Break
  • December 18-January 1/Winter Holiday
  • January 15/Martin Luther King Day
  • February 19/Presidents’ Day
  • April 2-6/Spring Break (Work Days for 12-Month Employees)
  • May 28/Memorial Day

Students and staff do not report to school on the above  dates.

Other Information

The School Board retains the right to modify the  calendar.


  • It is recommended that the School Board consider the proposed 2017 – 2018 School Calendar.
  • It is further recommended that the School Board schedule the proposed 2017 – 2018 calendar for adoption at the School Board’s January 10, 2017 regular meeting.