Inclement weather makeup days

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The Code of Virginia requires that a school division provide 990 instructional hours during the course of one school year. State funding can be withheld if a school division does not meet this state law.

To date, Chesterfield County students have missed six full instructional days and have had a two-hour delay. As a result of the missed days, Chesterfield County Public Schools will not meet the 990-hour requirement without adding makeup days. (The inability to count structured recess time, during which instruction and guidance are provided, reduces the number of hours we provide instruction by 80-90 annually.)

A makeup schedule has been shared several times this year. As a reminder, to make up lost instructional time, these actions are being taken:

  • The scheduled early-release day on Feb. 2 is now a full day for students.
  • Presidents Day, observed on Feb. 19, is now a full day for students and staff members.
  • The scheduled early-release days on March 16 and April 13 are now full days for students.
  • The scheduled early-release days on June 14-15 are now full days for students.
  • An additional five minutes will be added to the end of the school day starting April 13.

Any more days missed will result in an additional five minutes being added (per day missed) to the end of the day.