Summer Heat

Turn up the summer HEAT!

What can students do to prepare for next year?

What can parents do to help?


The summer math menus below contain short daily activities that elementary students and their parents should complete together. The activities provide a valuable opportunity to talk about mathematical thinking and reasoning.

Summer Mathematics Prep documents provide self-directed student review, practice, and preparation for high school mathematics courses. These documents provide review and practice of previously taught material that will give students a running start as they prepare for the next course. Students are encouraged to attempt these review problems before checking for accuracy against the solution document. This can help students identify their own strengths and areas of challenge. Students can utilize the tutorial web site links to strengthen identified areas of challenge.

Course / Solutions

Tutorial Website Links


Reading skills require continual practice just like any other academic area or sport. Becoming a self-directed reader during the summer months will improve your comprehension and fluency abilities as well as increase your vocabulary knowledge. The documents provided are suggested, grade-level appropriate reading lists that will provide guidance for selecting books to improve and enrich reading skills.

Summer Reading Lists

Helpful Links

Middle School Reading and Writing Modules in Support of Project Graduation