Meet Chesterfield County’s Students of the Year

Truly exceptional. A role model who goes the extra mile. Responsible, dedicated and conscientious. A star student. Approaches every day with a smile and a positive attitude. Respectful, kind and hard working. What a kid!

Those are descriptions of students selected as 2015 Students of the Year.

Each year, Chesterfield County Public Schools honors two students from every school for demonstrating citizenship and the school division’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and accountability. During an April 23 banquet sponsored by the Midlothian Rotary Club, 126 students from Chesterfield’s 63 schools will gather with their families, principals, teachers and others to be recognized as Students of the Year for 2015. (Video of the event will be shown at 7 p.m. May 7-21 on Comcast Channel 96 and Verizon Channel 26.)

Here are additional descriptions from teachers and principals of these remarkable Students of the Year:

  • may be one of the best students I have ever worked with … responsible, smart, driven, kind, organized, enthusiastic … the whole package
  • a quiet, humble leader in the classroom, in the hallways and on the playing field
  • walks into the classroom every morning with a big smile on his face, ready to work and learn new things
  • inspires those around her to reach a little higher and work a little harder
  • a true team player
  • a heart of gold
  • representative of the very best in our school
  • a great peer role model who makes a habit of doing the right thing
  • approaches each new learning experience with enthusiasm
  • always goes above and beyond what is expected in the classroom
  • a ray of sunshine
  • works hard and never gives up
  • well-rounded and talented
  • kind, courteous and always encouraging when others are having a bad day
  • serious, creative, optimistic and fun loving
  • approachable, friendly and … a standout academically, athletically and within the community
  • embodies integrity and compassion
  • works hard every single day and … is a friend to everyone
  • his attitude and work ethic have been above reproach
  • self-motivated
  • calm, patient, focused
  • has a smile that can light up a room
  • polite, charismatic, driven and creative
  • appreciates the little things and warms your heart with her smile
  • the essence of a well-rounded student
  • highly intelligent, respectful and mature
  • wonderful student, an excellent classmate, a great friend and an amazing child
  • always has a great attitude no matter what the circumstances
  • exudes confidence when tackling challenging situations and displays a level of maturity far beyond his years
  • dependable and quick to help others
  • works diligently in class and is always willing to help
  • driven, compassionate, supportive, intelligent and fun
  • a joy to be around
  • cares about each and every part of the school day
  • a “get it done” kind of gal
  • loved by everyone
  • a strong individual who will be successful in anything she sets her mind to
  • an extremely bright, respectful and reliable individual who is a leader in the classroom and school
  • always present and willing to go above and beyond what is asked
  • always gives 110 percent
  • an excellent listener
  • extremely creative

These 2015 Students of the Year will be honored on April 23:

Bellwood Elementary — Luis Balcarcel and Landon Golden

Bensley Elementary — Darius Richards and Katherine Carranza

Beulah Elementary — Daniel dePaz Escobar and Maleah Stevens

Bon Air Elementary — Farrah Abrams and Wesley DeJarnette

Chalkley Elementary — Geovani Ramirez Reyes and Katherine Del Cid

Marguerite Christian Elementary — Dreveon Fisher and Lydia Weeks

Clover Hill Elementary — Madelynn Eads and Damon Kincheloe

Crenshaw Elementary — Aleigh Puckett and Gabriela De La Rosa

Crestwood Elementary — Madalyn Cross and Jenifer Zhandira

Curtis Elementary — Israel Browne and Grace Staneart

Davis Elementary — Hugo Morales and Isaiah Lucero

Ecoff Elementary — Jacob Haywood and Madison Mozingo

Enon Elementary — Katherine Watson and Vinata Kondragunta

Ettrick Elementary — Christian Smith and Madison Keppler

Evergreen Elementary — Emma Carter and Kaitlin Brown

Falling Creek Elementary — Nicholas Johnson and Niki Patel

Gates Elementary — Joselyn Schenk and Ainsley Laine

Gordon Elementary — Gavin Caterino and Sarah Jane Greger

Grange Hall Elementary — Jessie Roberts and Ashley Griles

Greenfield Elementary — Jonah Brooks and Blake Ta

Harrowgate Elementary — Mariana Martinez Valadez and Jayden Lewis

Hening Elementary — Samant Parker and Edward Rodriguez

Hopkins Road Elementary — Lakeyce Farris and Sophia Fuentes

Jacobs Road Elementary — Rylee Andes and Hassan Mohammad

Matoaca Elementary — Isabella Simerville and Maya Taylor

Providence Elementary — Lillian Harris and William France

Reams Road Elementary — Trinity Jones and Camille Crook

Robious Elementary — Anna Jane Reed and Virginia Warren

Salem Church Elementary — Christopher Carter Jr. and Eisley Goldman

Elizabeth Scott Elementary — Olivia Acome and Benjamin Keeys

Alberta Smith Elementary — Timothy Dobyns and Faith Parker

Spring Run Elementary — Jahan Hassan and Jaden Cumpston

Swift Creek Elementary — Jane Lively and Tanner Fleck

Watkins Elementary — Cassie Grizzard and Caden Raymond

Bettie Weaver Elementary — Lauren Schmidt and Lillian Davis

Wells Elementary — Samantha Schappert and Farris Moore II

Winterpock Elementary — Charlotte Barnette and Melanie Lloyd

Woolridge Elementary — Hailey Garrison and Taylor Rolfe

Bailey Bridge Middle — Yelena Fleming and Karli Woodcock

Carver Middle — Rachel Dishman and Kristyn Watkins

Elizabeth Davis Middle — Malvika Choudhari and Hunter Zoller

Falling Creek Middle — Tae’Sean Burt and Tiara Alston

Manchester Middle — Erick Sandoval and Taylor Lamb

Matoaca Middle — Nia Covington and Chance Blackham

Midlothian Middle — Jack Carris and Russell Graviet Jr.

Providence Middle — Allison Zermeno and Peyton Hamlett

Robious Middle — Joshua Raugh and Katherine Morris

Salem Church Middle — Shayla Harris and Paola Henriquez

Swift Creek Middle — William Rice and Brian Wieder

Tomahawk Creek Middle — Mackenzie Burleson and Dylan Kurtze

Bird High — Rayshard Ashby and Kenneth Williams III

Career and Technical Center @ Courthouse — Amber Harper and Erwin Karincic

Career and Technical Center @ Hull — Bryan Sanchez and ShaQasha McClinton

Chesterfield Community High — Lester Reed Jr. and Vanessa Cartagena Clemente

Clover Hill High — Amelia Fern Nell and Krystyna Cios

Cosby High — Skyler Zunk and Jared Burns

Thomas Dale High — Jerry Chan and Abigail Sloan

James River High — Benjamin Caracciolo and India Hawkins

Manchester High — Elizabeth Hutton and Vivian Tran

Matoaca High — Sarah Patton and Joseph Cheatham

Meadowbrook High — Majd Aboul Hosn and Hien Vo

Midlothian High — Stuart Powell and Akash Raje

Monacan High — Kristen Walker and Megan Walker