Middle School CBG Action Plan

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  • As the School Board considers the expansion of gifted services throughout Chesterfield County to open doors for more children within their neighborhood communities while maintaining rigorous and equitable CBG programs, a variety of options have been evaluated. This document is intended to provide additional planning details to assist in the expansion of middle school CBG sites.


  • Any new CBG site will maintain CBG-clustered teams at each grade level in alignment with other CBG programs. The Office of Gifted Education has analyzed a list of currently endorsed teachers by location throughout the district. It is anticipated that any new CBG site would be staffed with CBG teachers endorsed for Gifted Education. The teacher transfer period is occurring now and transfer opportunities will be available until May 11, 2018. Should an additional CBG site be approved by the School Board on April 10, Principals will use the subsequent four weeks to hire teachers endorsed for Gifted Education from within the district. Beyond May 11, Principals may still recruit and hire teachers from other school districts if staffing vacancies remain.

Program Development:

  • The Office of Gifted Education is coordinating supports to ensure all middle school CBG programs are parallel, yet flexible, to meet each school’s unique needs. Training will begin on June 27, 2018, and teachers at each program will collaborate online and in person as part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC). This PLC will provide teachers a forum for sharing resources, lesson plans, project designs, etc. The Office of Gifted Education has created a document to outline professional development support for next school year: Gifted Programs Professional Development Planning 2018-2019 (Attachment A), and it includes professional development sessions scheduled for October 12, 2018, and January 15, February 15, and March 29, 2019. The PLC format will allow both new and experienced teachers at all middle school CBG sites to share and align enrichment opportunities such as field trips, guest speakers, and local/state academic competitions.
  • In addition, existing academic programs in place for comprehensive students at the middle school level will remain even with the expansion of a CBG program to a new site.

Program Offerings:

  • All required CBG courses: English, math (levels will vary based on students’ pathways), social studies, science, ASE (Academic Success and Enrichment), and world languages will be offered at any new CBG site at each grade level. For example, the same world languages offered at Manchester would be offered at Swift Creek next year.
  • A wide variety of electives will be offered to students at any new CBG sites in alignment with electives offered at current CBG sites. This may include (based on student interest) but is not limited to: Earth Science, Band, Orchestra, Health and Physical Education, Art, Exploratory 6, and Writing Workshop. All middle school CBG sites will commit to providing a pathway for students who begin a sequential elective such as a world language so that those students may complete their program without disruption.
  • All Chesterfield County middle schools offer the same sports each year: girls/boys basketball, girls/boys soccer, girls/boys track and field, girls/boys cross country, and cheerleading. Additional sports opportunities may be offered through the school’s intramural program, which can vary based on faculty sponsor interest and availability. Any newly created CBG site will be located at a school with access to these same opportunities.
  • Clubs at the middle school level are either curriculum-based, school-sponsored, or student interest-driven. For example, German Club is a curriculum-based club, National Junior Honor Society is a school-sponsored club, and chess club or Rubik’s Cube club would be student interest-driven clubs. All middle schools offer a wide variety of other clubs. Should a CBG site expansion occur, club sponsors will be solicited at the new site and each school will publish a list of their tentative club offerings by June 1. Additional clubs and activities may be added throughout the 2018-19 school year as students’ interests change. School websites are updated regularly to reflect changes and additions.


  • Currently, transportation for CBG students is provided using a “hub” system. This school year, in the morning CBG students either ride high school route buses or are transported to designated hub sites to await pick-up by Chesterfield County buses that transport them to their CBG site. In the afternoon the system is reversed and students await parent pick-up at hub sites under the supervision of Chesterfield County personnel.
  • Due to the change in school start times, CBG transportation systems will also change in 2018-19.
    • In the morning, depending on the school the students are zoned for, they will either ride their neighborhood buses to their CBG site or use parent transportation to travel to a Specialty Center bus stop, which will be located within a three mile radius of their home. This bus stop could be a library, a school, a community site, a local business or a major intersection. If a student’s home is located beyond the three mile radius, the family should contact the Transportation office for their neighborhood zone to discuss creating a bus stop on a main artery road. This process mirrors the current transportation process in place for this school year.
    • In the afternoon, depending on the school the students are zoned for, they will either ride their neighborhood buses home, or they will ride a bus from their CBG site that will make one or more regular bus stops before arriving at their home middle or high school. Students will then be supervised on site before boarding regular neighborhood buses to travel home.

ATTACHMENT A: Gifted Programs Professional Development Planning 2018-19 (linked above)