Most students in Chesterfield County ride the bus

Obey Virginia’s motor vehicle laws to keep children safe

Chesterfield County Public School students return to class a week from today, and 75 percent will arrive on a school bus. On Sept. 8, about 45,000 students will wait at 12,000 bus stops to ride more than 500 buses to 38 elementary schools, 12 middle schools and 11 high schools.

To keep young people safe, drivers are reminded that it is illegal to drive past stopped school buses with red lights flashing. Here are two short videos that explain Virginia’s laws:

Also, accompanying this email is a section from the driver’s manual published by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles that illustrates the requirements for stopping for school buses.

Chesterfield County Public Schools buses travel about 9 million miles every year. When you encounter a school bus on the road, follow the law and help keep children safe.
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