Providence Middle meeting set for 6:30 p.m. April 28

A community meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. April 28 in the auditorium of Providence Middle School, 900 Starlight Lane, to provide updates about revitalization planned as part of the 2013 bond referendum. Members of the Chesterfield County School Board will attend.

Here is information to be discussed in the meeting:

Chesterfield County Public Schools recently solicited construction bids for renovations scheduled for Providence Middle. The two bids received were over budget by more than $6 million. Because the school division does not have additional funding available, school division leaders are working with the School Board to identify potential cost reductions.

Construction leaders have shared feedback about why potential bidders may have chosen not to participate and why bids came in higher than expected. There were concerns about the number of construction phases planned, the ease (or lack thereof) of getting construction documents from the general contractor and the scope of the project.

As a result, school division leaders have recommended to the School Board these cost-cutting measures that would save about $3 million:

  • Reduce the number of construction phases from 10 to five
  • Improve accessibility of construction planning documents to subcontractors
  • Reduce the courtyard renovation to landscaping only
  • Standardize all ceilings; a move to be replicated in all 2013 bond referendum projects
  • Remove loose furniture from the construction bid
  • Identify a different solution for metal panels planned for the project

In addition, $1 million more could be saved by eliminating the kitchen renovation portion of the project. The school division’s Food and Nutrition Services team believes that the current cafeteria more than adequately serves Providence Middle students. During the past four years, the school division has updated the walk-in refrigerator, freezer, ovens, dishwasher and steamer. With these updates and plans in place to serve future growth at Providence Middle, the school division has recommended the removal of the kitchen renovation.

Community input is encouraged, as leaders seek to revitalize Providence Middle into a true community school. Questions or concerns can be submitted to