Robious Middle seventh-grader is county’s top speller

This year’s top speller in Chesterfield County Public Schools is Grace, a seventh-grader at Robious Middle. She won the countywide spelling bee on Feb. 2. The spelling bee runner-up is Madison, an eighth-grader at Bailey Bridge Middle.

The spelling bee lasted 11 rounds, with only Grace and Madison left standing at the start of round 9. Madison spelled idiosyncratic, then Grace spelled echelon, then Madison misspelled desiccate. Grace correctly spelled sanctimonious, then chihuahua to win. She will represent Chesterfield County Public Schools in the regional spelling bee on March 12.

In addition to Grace and Madison, these students represented their schools in the Chesterfield County Public Schools spelling bee:

  • Davis Elementary fifth-grader Joshua
  • Gates Elementary fifth-grader Ellie
  • Reams Elementary fourth-grader Nicole
  • Swift Creek Elementary fourth-grader Jason
  • Carver Middle sixth-grader Zakir
  • Elizabeth Davis Middle seventh-grader Jordan
  • Falling Creek Middle seventh-grader Kevin
  • Manchester Middle eighth-grader Tommy
  • Matoaca Middle eighth-grader Daniel
  • Midlothian Middle eighth-grader Nour
  • Providence Middle sixth-grader Camille
  • Swift Creek Middle eighth-grader Sean
  • Tomahawk Creek Middle eighth-grader Isaiah

Grace and Madison