Specialty Center Guidelines


Specialty Center Opportunities

Families continue to make Chesterfield a first-choice community in part because of the public school system, which is consistently cited by SchoolMatch as one of the top school districts in the nation that has what parents want.  High school students may choose to attend the comprehensive high school in their neighborhood or apply to attend a specialty center, Governor’s School and the Chesterfield Technical Center based on individual interests and talents.  Students have the opportunity to participate in these optional academic programs that emphasize academic rigor and higher-level thinking.  These programs are designed to focus on the student who is deeply interested in a specific area while broadly interested in everything.


  1. Application and Scoring
    1. Most centers have prerequisites for student application; however, Specialty Centers should be seen as an opportunity for students to accelerate.
    2. All centers have a scoring process using a variety of components in the application and some have standardized tests.
    3. Rubrics are used and components are given a weight according to the center’s focus.
    4. Rubrics may be made available for parental review.
    5. Each student is given a total score and scores are ranked.  Each center has determined their acceptance range.  Application scores are kept confidential except the students’ tests scores if applicable.  The student’s rank is kept confidential as well.
    6. The process, components, rubrics, and scores should be reviewed annually for the purpose of supporting student success.
    7. The process is flexible enough to support an individual student with a profile that does not meet the absolute goal stated in the prerequisite.
  1. Waiting List
    1. It is recommended that centers use a waiting list where the students’ application indicates probable success.
    2. Position on the waiting list shall remain confidential.
    3. Governor’s Schools will accept currently enrolled students at any time during the ninth grade year as seats become available.  
    4. Specialty Centers will offer a position to students as seats become available up to the point when master schedules are being developed.
  1. Center enrollment count
    1. Specialty Centers will enroll students on the basis of program capacity.
    2. Centers are encouraged to review and expand annually the number of center seats in increments consistent with CCPS scheduling practices.

Students who withdraw from the Center during the ninth grade will return to their home high school.  Students who withdraw from the Center during their 10th, 11th or 12th grade must be granted a waiver to stay at the high school.  If a waiver is not granted the student will return to their home high school.  Students who withdraw from the Governor’s School will return to their home high school.


updated August 10, 2017