Students from four schools qualify to compete in regional finals of National History Bee

Sixteen students from Chesterfield County Public Schools qualified via an online test to compete in the regional finals of the National History Bee on April 23 in Washington:

  • Davis Elementary had four fifth-graders qualify: Javione Allen, Jayden Hickman, Anaya Holmes and Allison Zermeno.
  • Manchester Middle had four qualifiers: seventh-grader Bryan Childers and
    eighth-graders Zachary Adee, Yash Korde and Tyler Stromberg.
  • Robious Middle had four eighth-graders qualify: Jenny Glazier, Bryce Hall,
    Kenna Jenkins and Mark Weeden.
  • Tomahawk Creek Middle had four qualifiers: seventh-grader Ryan Cope and eighth-graders Jack Clabough, Philip Vieira and Daniel Hall.

Here are examples of questions that students may face in the regional finals:

  • This name is the first name of a co-founder of Standard Oil with the last name Flagler, and it is also the first name of the secretary of State under John Quincy Adams. One English king with this name ordered the death of Thomas a Becket while another was victorious at Agincourt. What name is also the middle name of short-lived President William Harrison?
    • The answer is Henry.
  • This man’s time as secretary of Commerce included managing recovery from the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. This politician defeated Al Smith to gain the presidency, and his name was used for shanty towns built during the Great Depression. What American president served during the 1929 Wall Street Crash?
    • The answer is Herbert Hoover.

Top finishers from 37 regional finals will compete in the National History Bee in June.