Homebound Instruction

Statement of Purpose
The Office of Homebound Instruction provides instructional support for students who are unable to attend school.  This includes those students whose medical condition prevents their attendance, as well as special education students who are not permitted in the school setting as a result of disciplinary action.  Homebound Instruction is an instructional bridge for students who must leave the classroom until they are able to return.   It is not intended to be a long-term placement for a student’s instruction.

Options for Homebound Instruction

The Coordinator for Homebound Instruction makes the assignments for homebound based on the needs of the students and the available resources.  One of the following options, or a combination of these options may be used:

  • Instruction provided by the student’s classroom  teacher serving as a homebound teacher.
  • Instruction provided by a teacher from the same school serving as a homebound teacher.
  • Instruction provided by online instruction model – Nexus Learning.  This service is contracted at our HB teacher rate and features synchronous instruction by teachers certified in the discipline being taught.

Instruction provided by a homebound teacher licensed in Virginia, but who may not be endorsed in the subject being taught.

Focus Areas

Raising the Bar Through Consistent Delivery of Appropriate  Instruction

  • Increased communication with school personnel
    • Assignment of regional contact teachers
    • In-school dialogue sessions with classroom teachers
  • Integration of technology into instruction
    • Online instructional supports for homebound students
    • Pilot use of hybrid instructional centers
    • Use of Flannagan materials
  • Changing culture of homebound teachers
    • Understanding poverty and cultural differences
    • Increasing awareness of disproportionally  among homebound students

Professional Growth and Development

  • Increasing awareness of professionalism among homebound teachers
  • Building professional learning communities
  • Study groups/book studies
  • Homebound Teacher Training – designed to increase skills and knowledge

Office of  Homebound Instruction
13900 Hull Street Rd.
Midlothian, VA 23112

Myla Burgess, Coordinator
Janet Takagi, Secretary
Telephone: 639-8787  Fax: 639-6396