Swift Creek Middle receives $1,700 Dominion K-12 Educational Partnership grant

Swift Creek Middle received a grant for $1,700 from the Dominion K-12 Educational Partnership for the Home Energy Conservation Project. Dominion’s K-12 Educational Partnership grants are designed to encourage and enhance the study of energy and/or the environment. The grant will be used to purchase equipment that students can use to measure quantitative data and expand their conservation projects at school and home, including infrared thermometers and “Kill A Watt” plugins that will calculate the amount of energy being used through that outlet.

The project encouraged students, parents and teachers to identify areas of energy waste in their homes, and then explore and implement energy-saving strategies to help reduce cost and waste. The project spanned more than five weeks, and students saved energy at home by implementing strategies such as switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

“I think this project gave the students a better understanding of energy usage in their homes and improved their long-term energy usage,” said Dr. Calvin Frye, principal of Swift Creek Middle.

The Dominion Foundation awards $1 million in grants to support both higher education and K-12 education throughout targeted areas every year. More than 400 applications were submitted for the 2016 K-12 Educational Partnership grants. Swift Creek Middle previously won two additional grants for this program, for a total of $3,000 to support the Home Energy Conservation Project.