Center Based Gifted
CBG Third Grade
The third grade CBG Academy fosters a positive whole child experience by providing a learning environment that builds relationships among our students.  While focusing on social/emotional growth, students learn to collaborate during units that reach across the disciplines. We help to promote higher level thinking skills through the Depth and Complexity model. Some examples of our third grade CBG adventures include delving deeper into the ancient civilizations, hands-on problem solving in mathematics, and developing rich writing skills.
CBG Fourth Grade

Our fourth grade CBG Academy is an accelerated and challenging program that supports the CCPS grade level curriculum while facilitating the development of self-directed learners.  We utilize a hands-on approach that reaches across the disciplines promoting critical thinking skills. Depth and complexity, as well as creativity, are emphasized within the classroom.

CBG Fifth Grade

In our fifth grade CBG Academy, we focus on problem-based education with an emphasis on meaningful projects. We have a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to learning. Students are engaged in self-directed activities with the majority of projects completed in school. We employ the Depth & Complexity strands as thinking strategies engaging the students in work with a purpose.  We encourage and foster critical thinking with a deeper understanding.

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