Three children sitting at a table working on projects.

Welcome to the Library Media Center

Welcome to the Alberta Smith Elementary Library webpage! We hope you will visit here often for the latest in library news and events.

Mission Statement:
The mission of Alberta Smith Elementary School Library is to promote the love of reading and help students become lifelong learners and avid readers.

CCPS Library Mission Statement:
The mission of the Chesterfield County Public School libraries is to empower students and staff through the direction and guidance of certified school librarians to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users/creators of information in support of student achievement in a global environment.

Elizabeth Hunter – Library Media Specialist
Elizabeth Ford – Library Assistant
(804) 739-6247

What to expect:
Regularly scheduled classes for K-5
Open checkout every morning and afternoon
(8:30-9:00 and 1:50-2:10)

Borrowing Guidelines:
Kindergarten and First Grade: 1 book
Second Grade: 2 books
Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades: 2 books

**If a book is lost or damaged, payment will be needed to restore checkout priviliges. We are unable to accept a copy of the book. If a lost book is paid for and found within the school year, the money will be refunded.**