First Grade
Language Arts

In first grade, we continue to emphasize learning to read through application of decoding strategies and phonemic awareness. We take reading to the next level and really start focusing on reading to learn and applying comprehension strategies to text. Reading is taught through a balanced literacy model utilizing groups individualized to meet every student’s needs. The connection between reading and writing is a focus in first grade. We use literature and text as models to write using the six traits. We encourage a love of reading and writing not only across the curriculum in the school environment, but in all areas of our lives.


First grade math is taught through a hands-on, center-based approach. The students use manipulatives to discover and apply mathematical concepts through games and learning activities. We are building a strong foundation in number sense that will provide the framework for the remaining elementary years. Topics we explore include number combinations, addition and subtraction concepts, patterns, graphing, counting patterns, geometry, time, measurement and problem-solving.


First graders will learn science concepts through a variety of hands-on activities and experiments. We explore exciting topics such as plants, animals, motion, interactions with water, seasons, earth/sun, and natural resources. Students are encouraged to become independent thinkers who can collaborate with their peers to direct their own learning. Science is a time of investigation and figuring out how the world around us works and why. We focus a great deal of taking science beyond the literal level to higher levels of thinking through expeditions and problem-based learning.

Social Studies

Bon Air Elementary is a leadership school and our first grade curriculum really lends itself towards that. We spend much of our year learning about citizenship and important leaders in United States history. In first grade, we are growing future leaders. We immerse ourselves in an environment where we focus on being good citizens and community members through our 7 Habits and character traits. The skills we learn in the classroom are skills the children will take with them for the rest of their lives.

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