Fourth Grade

Fourth grade teachers provide classroom structure which helps students develop a sense of personal and social responsibility, refine their social skills, polish their work and study habits, and support their innate thirst for knowledge.

Language Arts

In language arts, students work to improve stamina and fluency in both reading and writing. Students continue to develop their passion for reading by engaging in reading experiences in the classroom and at home. Students are exposed to a wide variety of genres. Fourth graders practice writing narrative and expository text on a daily basis, drawing from their personal experiences


Fourth graders become fluent with their multiplication and division math facts (0-12). They begin solving multi-step word problems on topics such as fractions, geometry, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, decimals, probability, elapsed time, and patterns.


Science units include weather, electricity and magnetism, space, plants, resources, living systems, and the scientific process. Students will use experiments and critical thinking skills as they solve scientific mysteries.

Social Studies

Fourth graders journey through Virginia. Our studies include civics, geography, economics and the cultural and political changes during 400 years of Virginia’s history. We begin our travel from the first permanent English settlement (Jamestown) and end at current day 21st Century Virginia.

Project Based Learning

We use PBL-BIE protocols as we learn through investigation and project-based learning.

Leader in Me

Fourth graders are LEADERS! Everyone has at least one leadership job in the classroom, and fourth graders celebrate when their friends show one of the 7 Habits in class.

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