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At Bon Air Elementary art plays an important role in our school culture and is integrated within classroom expeditions. All students are exposed to the major arts and each student has opportunities to work in a variety of media. The arts help students learn about and appreciate other cultures and diverse artistic styles. Guiding students to make aesthetic decisions gives them the ability to view their own work with a critical eye and strive for high standards.

Each year we have artwork on display at various locations in the community, our website and at the Fine Arts Festival in the spring. Artistic leaders are recognized and slideshows of artwork are shared at our town meetings. As a leadership school, many of our art projects touch on aspects of leadership.


The music room is filled with singing, dancing and instrument playing! Bon Air students are exposed to the various elements of music through learning about history and other cultures, as well as the theory side of it by acquiring the early skills to read music. We integrate the classroom subjects for each grade level at any chance we can whether it is practicing math facts on drums, turning a poem into a song, or composing a rap about a time in history. Each grade level also has the opportunity to perform at least once a year at Bon Air Elementary. It is a chance to come together as a community and enjoy the art of music. It is also a great way for students to express themselves and learn how to work together. As I always tell the classes, we are a team in music!

My goal as a music educator is to not only teach the basics of music, but to spark an interest in the arts and for the students to have an appreciation of them. Music is a universal language that can and should be shared with everyone.

Physical Education

The physical education program at Bon Air Elementary follows a skill theme and concept based curriculum which includes Virginia and national standards. The primary grades learn the basic components of a variety of skills and movements. The elementary grades use the skills in combinations and in mini-game situations. Activities include: skills of all types, gymnastics, juggling, rock climbing and a spring Field Day. PE is the perfect place to practice the 7 Habits (especially Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw where we “Have fun to refocus!”)!

physical education
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