Third Grade
two students stand in front of class reading from a paper

Get ready, get set, go! Third grade takes off at a fast pace! This is a year of transitions for our students, our first interims, letter grades and SOL testing.

Language Arts

Our reading curriculum is based on the reading comprehension strategies that have been introduced in previous grades, such as inferring and summarizing. We apply these strategies in our small group instruction, novel studies, and independent reading. Our writers’ workshop is based on the 6+1 traits of writing. Throughout the year, emphasis is put on finding our voice in writing, sentence fluency, and coming up with our own creative ideas.


Our math curriculum centers on finding multiple ways to solve a problem and then being able to explain how the problem is solved. The concepts of multiplication, division, fractions, and place value are all topics of study.


Science opens the door to studying our world around us. We learn about animals and how they adapt in order to survive. Our environment is a major focus of study. We learn how our actions will impact the soil, the water, and energy sources.

Social Studies

Ancient civilizations are a focus of our social studies curriculum. We learn about ancient Rome, Greece, and Mali. We also learn about the many contributions these civilizations have leant to us. Economics, famous Americans and geography are also studied in third grade.