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Bryan Dierkes
Gwen Garrett
Sohhyoun Yoon

6th Grade Year Long

Students will be introduced to famous artists and their works. Assignments will be given to encourage their drawing skills while learning to use shading and developing skills to make their drawings look three dimensional. A wide variety of art materials will be used and explored while creating art projects that utilize creative thinking skills.

7th Grade Semester

Students will work on projects using multiple types of art media. Drawing techniques and skills will be used in projects and a three dimensional project will be assigned.

7th Grade Year Long

Students will be assigned projects that encourage their creative thinking skills while building on the Principles and Elements of Art and Design. Students will be exposed to long term projects that enable them to think through the creative process of developing a finished project for display and exhibition.

8th Grade Semester

Student will review color theory and drawing techniques. They will learn about famous artists and use these skills when interpreting their own projects. Multimedia will be used including graphite, colored pencils, pens, Papier Mache, oil pastels, acrylic paint as well as watercolor paints. Students will be able to demonstrate what they have learned about two and three dimensional art work.

8th Grade Year Long

Students will learn more in depth about famous artists and how their works influenced or changed the art world. Using different art materials, students will explore different techniques using different media while learning about different cultures around the world. Acrylic and watercolor paints will be used on different surfaces. Projects involving two and three dimensions will be assigned throughout the year. Students will work on sketchbooks in between major projects. This class helps prepare students for the high school level art experience and beyond. Creative thinking is encouraged in every project and each assignment will reflect this skill.

7th and 8th Grade Digital Photography I (Semester)

Students learn the fundamentals of photography as a creative art form. Students learn visual composition, use of the camera, history and digital image.

8th Grade Digital Photography II (Semester)

Students review, perfect, and fine-tune the basic fundamentals of photography and skills covered in Photography I. Photography II students explore in-depth creative approaches to solving photographic problems, various styles, photographers and digital images.

6th Grade (Exploratory Wheel, 9 weeks), 7th and 8th Grade (Semester) Computer Art

Students will build on the technical skills necessary for artistic problem-solving using applied visual solutions. Current and ongoing developments in the field will be addressed. Emphasis will focus on approaching the computer as a creative and practical tool. Use of graphic design in the commercial/practical and fine art fields will be equally addressed.