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Health & Physical Education

Robert Flannigan, Brandon Flowers, Megan Forbes, Griff Fowler, Megan Fox, Mark Lane, Natasha Broadwater, Chris Roarty, Chris Tuck

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade – Health & Physical Education (H/PE) – Year

This course will engage students in both team and individual sports. Students will also learn good sportsmanship, rules, strategies, and benefits of playing sports. Our health curriculum facilitates the importance of body systems, nutrition, and Life Skills.

8th Grade – Fitness for Life (F4L) – Year

F4L 8th grade is a yearlong elective course designed for students who are committed to personal fitness. Students will set fitness goals and achieve them through a strength and cardiovascular regimen. Fees may apply.

8th Grade – Adventure Recreation & Sports Management (AR/SM) – Year

This class is for those who are interested in non-traditional and lifelong activities such as: archery, biking, bowling, fishing, frisbee golf, geocaching, and rockwall climbing. Students will enhance their knowledge of sports and physical activities and learn about the managerial aspects of sports. Fees may apply.

8th Grade – Adventure Recreation – Semester

Students will have AR for 1 semester and will participate in both non-traditional and lifelong activities such as: fishing, frisbee golf, rockwall climbing, bowling, biking, archery, and geocaching.