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Language Arts

In the Bailey Bridge Middle School Language Arts program, our goal is to help students to master the strategies for reading comprehension. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of literature across all genres. The focus is not only to give students the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills and reading comprehension strategies to their reading but also to empower students to take their reading into their own hands. They will be able to apply reading comprehension techniques to their personal reading as well as across the curriculum. Students will understand the importance of becoming lifelong readers and learners.

Students will also grow to become proficient writers. They will begin by building on skills previously learned and apply those skills to many types of writing. Becoming independent with sentence formation, fluency, and mechanics is an important part of the curriculum. Students will also learn to create and organize interesting ideas for multiple modes of real-world writing. Students will delve into language study, including vocabulary, to reinforce reading comprehension and writing strategies.