The mission of the LC Bird mathematics department is to engage all students in active and participatory learning with the hopes of creating successful students, logical thinkers, and life-long learners of mathematics.

We provide core classes at multiple levels and proper electives to fully meet the requirements for graduation from L.C. Bird High School. We aim to provide rigor and relevance in our course offerings and to allow students to experience a variety of math disciplines.

Correct Placement:

In the standard sequence, students start with Algebra 1 followed by Geometry and Algebra 2. Students have an option to take AFDA between Geometry and Algebra 2 to develop their Algebra skills. Students who finish Algebra 2 as underclassmen are encouraged to take advanced math classes. We believe it is important that all students take four years of math, so we offer additional math electives to provide options to meet students’ diverse math interests. The classes are as follows:

Standard Sequence:

  • Each of the courses in the standard sequence has an associated End of Course SOL test. AFDA does not have an SOL.
  • Algebra 1 (SOL course)
  • Double Block Algebra 1
  • Geometry (SOL course)
  • Honors Geometry
  • Double Block Geometry
  • Algebra Functions and Data Analysis (AFDA) — optional
  • Algebra 2 (SOL course)
  • Honors Algebra 2

Advanced Courses:

  • AP Classes have an associated AP Test in May that can earn students college credit.
  • Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry
  • Trig Analysis
  • Honors Trigonometry
  • High School Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistic
  • AP Computer Science


  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Mathematics
  • Computer Science