Social Studies

The L.C. Bird Social Studies Department is committed to a history and social science curriculum that is designed to educate students in the responsibilities of citizenship. We strive to prepare students for life beyond the classroom and to better understand historical backgrounds, cultural issues, global politics, and government services.

Pared with the Virginia Standards of Learning and the curriculum models established by Chesterfield County Public Schools, we provide core classes at multiple levels and proper electives to fully meet the requirements for graduation from L.C. Bird High School. Our mission is to provide both rigor and relevance in our course offerings and to allow students to acquire a broad outlook offered by history and other social science disciplines.

Rather than merely cataloging events of the past, these courses emphasize an understanding of developments and problems, and give attention to social, economic, and cultural phenomena, as well as political and constitutional problems.

Our course offerings are as follows:

Core Subjects:

World History I
Honors World History I
World History II
Advanced Placement World History II
Economics/Personal Finance
Virginia/United States History
John Tyler Community College Dual Enrollment Virginia/United States History (History 121 and 122)
Advanced Placement Virginia/United States History
United States Government
Honors United States Government
Advanced Placement United States Government


Practical Law
International Studies
Honors Civil War and World War II
Advanced Placement Psychology