The Success Program believes all students can be successful if they are provided the resources to meet the high expectations that are placed on them.

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“The Success Program is like family”

History of the Success Program

The Success Program was created 10 years ago as a 9th grade transition program. Since then, the program has now developed into a “safety-net” for the entire school. The purpose of the program is to make sure that every student at L.C. Bird has the resources available to ensure their success in high school. Initially, rising freshmen are recommended and/or recruited to enter the program during their 8th grade year. In addition, any freshman who is struggling throughout the year will be recruited to enter the program. All former members of the Success Program are tracked throughout their high school years until they graduate. In addition, grades are monitored for the entire student body throughout the year. Students who are struggling are offered the opportunity to enter the Success Program in order to improve their academic standing.

Success Program Services

The Success Program provides 11th and 12 grade student mentors to all of our freshmen students. Volunteer teachers provide tutoring to all of our students. All Success students have the opportunity to complete homework from other classes, make up quizzes or test and complete projects for other classes; all under the supervision and assistance of Success Program faculty. School supplies are available for free to Success students. This year we have added a Success Program computer lab with over 40 computers. The Success Program also offers an intense SOL remediation program in order to ensure all of our students successfully pass their SOLs.

Year I

All Success Program freshmen are enrolled in Sociology, which counts as an elective credit towards their graduation requirements.
In Sociology, they will be exposed to a character education curriculum developed by Success Program faculty members.
In addition, all freshmen will have the opportunity to complete assignments from other classes and have the opportunity to received assistance from 11th and 12 grade student mentors.

Year II

All Success Program freshmen who successfully completed Year I are encouraged to enter Year II. Year II students are enrolled in Study Skills which counts as an elective credit towards their graduation requirements.
In Study Skills, all sophomores will have the opportunity to receive the same resources that were available in Year I.
In addition, sophomores will learn and use effective study skill strategies and complete several independent character education projects.

Year III and IV

Students can enroll in Sociology w/ Peer Facilitator, which can count as an elective credit towards graduation. Student will act as mentors to the Year I students; providing academic and organizational assistance to the freshmen. Also, Year III and IV will create and present lessons which are applicable to our county’s core values: honesty, respect, integrity, responsibility and accountability.

Success Staff

Freshmen – David Pollock – [email protected]
Sophomores – Matt Bland – [email protected]
Juniors and Seniors – Mary Richmond – [email protected]