Fifth Grade
Group of four teachers in matching pink t-shirts pose under a tree.
Our fifth graders are encourage to practice academic and social skills that will prepare them for the 21st century as a productive individual.

Our fifth graders are preparing for the next step in their education — middle school. Students have developed a love for reading and are utilizing their reading strategies in various genres. Writing becomes more developed and creative as students practice the writing process in more depth. Math instruction continues the enhancement of number sense – studying decimals, fractions, statistical concepts, measurement and other concepts. Some students will participate in accelerated math class which exposes them to the sixth grade math curriculum. Our science concepts include scientific experimentation, classification of living organisms, studying the characteristics of the ocean and our Earth, as well as, investigating how sound and light work. In social studes, students are involved in lessons to improve map reading skills, learning about the ancient cultures, and studying the seven continents. Also, they are engaged in learning about their beginnings and what things have influenced our everyday life.