Welcome to the Bensley Library!

Hours: The library is open from 8:00 am until 3:20 pm daily.

Library Staff:
Camille Dungey, Librarian
Rachel Braxton, Library Assistant

Library Programs:

Library Nights:
The library is open once per month from October to May. Library Nights provide an opportunity for students and parents to come to the library and participate in various library activities.

Bensley Bookstore:
The Bensley bookstore was established in 1999 through a Chesterfield County MCD grant. Books are available for students, teachers and parents to purchase for personal and classroom use. Fifth grade students are selected to operate the bookstore on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Campbell’s Labels and Boxtops:
Campbell’s labels and Boxtops are collected to provide books and materials in support of the library media program. Students who bring twenty-five Campbell’s labels or twenty-five boxtops to the library receive a free book from the library bookstore.

Book Fair

The book fair will be held in the fall. Be sure to come and visit during the Harvest Festival. 

Each month we will be having Library Night. The times will be announced in the future. Parents and their children can check-out books and use the internet to locate educational information.

  • Would you like to work in the bookstore? Fifth graders will be filling out recommendation forms once school begins.
  • Watch out for the opening date of our “Bensley Bookstore”.
  • Our library has a new look. What do you notice about the library?
  • Reminder: Save your Box Tops!
  • Fifth graders will be receiving information about our Battle of the Books (BOB).