Special Education

The Exceptional Education teachers here at Bensley use various techniques to promote learning. Depending on the on the student’s ability, teaching methods can include individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments, and small-group work. When students need special accommodations in order to take a test, we see that appropriate ones are provided, such as having the questions read orally or lengthening the time allowed to take the test.

Also, we develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each special education student. The IEP sets personalized goals for each student and is tailored to the student’s individual needs and ability. When appropriate, the program includes a transition plan outlining specific steps to prepare students with disabilities for middle school or high school or, in the case of older students, a job or postsecondary study. Teachers review the IEP with the student’s parents, school administrators, and the student’s general education teacher. Our teachers/staff work closely with parents to inform them of their child’s progress and suggest techniques to promote learning at home.

Our team does design and teach appropriate curricula as well as assign work geared toward each student’s needs and abilities. We are involved in the students’ behavioral, social, and academic development, helping the students develop emotionally, feel comfortable in social situations, and be aware of socially acceptable behavior.