Third Grade
Seven teachers pose for a photo in front of a sign in the hallway.
Third Grade is an exciting and wonderful transition year from lower to upper elementary. Students will be expected to master many new concepts.
Third graders will be expected to master many new concepts.  In Math, some of the concepts are multiplication, multi-step problems, place value to hundred thousand, and understanding fractions.  During science, students continue exploring areas such as scientific investigation, matter, life processes and cycles/systems of the Earth. Social Studies is an exciting time in third grade.  Students will learn about topics such as history, geography, civics and economics. Within the topics, we will explore ancient civilizations, explorers, government, and many famous and interesting people.  Skills addressed during reading include grammar skills and teaching students to read for understanding.  The students utilize the four-square to organize the development of writing pieces.   Third grade is also the first year the students will be assessed by the Standards of Learning tests.