Great Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP) is a career and college access organization with a goal of ensuring every student has an equal opportunity for continuing education after high school, regardless of financial or social circumstances. GRASP helps all students and their families, with a focus on financially disadvantaged households, by

  • Giving inspiration and hope that their goals are attainable
  • Assisting with the financial aid process and awarding scholarships
  • Supporting the attainment of post-secondary goals at the lowest possible cost

The program encourages high school seniors to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as a first step toward their postsecondary education/training goals. GRASP Advisors can assist students/families with FAFSA completion, virtually and free of charge.

GRASP’s financial aid advising services are available throughout the academic year. For more information, visit the GRASP website, email [email protected], call 804-923-0059 or contact your school’s counseling office to make an appointment with the school’s GRASP Advisor.

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