English 9
English 9 advances the study of written and spoken communication skills. Literature study emphasizes genre and the understanding of literary terms and vocabulary.

English 9 Honors
is a study of nonfiction, mythology, and an introduction to classical literature. Students Study Homer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Buck, Twain, and a variety of other authors in various genre such as the short story, the novel, drama, and poetry. Students analyze literary texts, determine relationships between form and content, and go beyond an emotional reaction to an intellectual response. Students read critically, asking pertinent questions about what they have read, recognizing assumptions and implications, and evaluating ideas. This course also concentrates on expository writing, literary analysis, and oral communication skills. Students draw conclusions, appraise, and speculate independently about the elements of literature.

English 10
English 10 stresses refinement of skills with emphasis on effective written and oral communications. Literature emphasizes character motivation and human relations through the study of American literature.

Literary selections of English 10 Honors
include Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Cather, Twain, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and others. Students will explore various writing techniques and styles. These techniques will be used in their own expository, persuasive, and creative writings. Critiquing literary works is a major focus at this level. The fundamental elements of research will be applied directly to written and oral communications. Knowledge will be evident through oral presentations, written reports, analyses, and small/large group discussions.

English 11
This course is based upon a survey of British literature. Composition skills are further developed, emphasizing correctness, practicality, style, and fluency. A research paper is required.

The literature selections of English 11 include works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, Bronte, and the Romantic poets, Hardy and Conrad. A variety of supplemental works will be used to enhance the program of literary appreciation/study. Literature will be used as a foundation for literary analysis, expository, and creative writing. Required research papers allow students to explore major types of criticism formalistic, archetypal, psychological. Other types of writing include reader responses and book reviews about particular works of literature.

English 12
This course is based upon a survey of world literature and includes comparative studies of universal themes in literature and the history of language. Language study includes effective communication in all forms of expression and practical skills for the working or the academic world. A research paper is required.

This course is designed for highly motivated seniors who enjoy being academically challenged and who have successfully completed English 11 Honors. This class prepares students for the rigorous educational experiences demanded by competitive colleges and universities. Writing for a variety of audiences and purposes is a focal point of the class. Students will read and analyze world literature and will focus on comparative studies of universal themes. A research paper is required.

College Composition
This course is designed to develop writing ability for study, work, and other areas of writing based on experience, observation, research, and reading of selected literature. Students are guided in learning writing as a process: understanding audience and purpose, exploring ideas and information, composing, revising, and editing. Writing is supported by integrating experiences in thinking, reading, listening, and speaking. Students that successfully complete the course earn 6 college transfer credits.