The Carver College and Career Academy library is open Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Students may visit the library before first period (8-8:30 AM), during lunches with a pass, and after school (3:00-3:15 PM). Teachers will also bring classes down to check out books and do research as needed.

Books are checked out for two weeks. After that they must be returned or renewed. Students owing books and/or fines from previous Chesterfield Schools must clear up obligations before being permitted to check out any new material. In addition, students owing library obligation may NOT purchase parking passes, tickets to dances, or participate in graduation.

Students are able to print or make copies at no charge for school related work only.

Any student who has not turned in an acceptable use form may not use the computers in the library. Please be aware that computers are monitored and misuse will result in computer privileges being suspended.