Reading In the Content
Instruction dealing with reading and comprehension in the following subject areas: Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and English (with an emphasis is placed on the development of academic vocabulary). Students are taught using daily guided and independent reading and writing exercises, along with various strategies to retain and understand key concepts that are taught.

Language & Culture
Teaching how various cultures are viewed through language education. Students learn to understand and communicate in a non-native language (English); as well as explore the various cultures of the country in which the language is spoken. Students learn about different regions, festivals, food, music, holidays and celebrations as well as the people and their attitudes and customs. This course also provides students daily opportunities to practice the four domains (reading, writing, listening and speaking) essential to become proficient in the English language.


ESOL English 1
In this introductory academic English writing course ESOL students study grammar, develop vocabulary and learn to write strong sentences and create thoughtful paragraphs and essays. Students will incorporate the (4) language domains: reading writing, listening and speaking. They will work with simplified English writing at the first levels and progress to more complicated, academic writing at the advanced levels (English 2).

ESOL English 2
In this intermediate academic English writing course students study grammar, develop vocabulary and learn to Picture of students working on computerwrite strong paragraphs and create thoughtful essays. Students will incorporate the (4) language domain: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course is designed as an advanced writing program for intermediate level non-native speakers of English. It emphasizes sentence structure, paragraph organization, and usage of formal English grammar.