Online Learning at Chesterfield County Public Schools

PACE is a centralized program offered through CCPSOnline that allows students to complete course requirements in an accelerated format. Schools identify students that, for a variety of reasons, require personalized solutions to meet their anticipated graduation timeline. CCPSOnline works in partnership with the school to provide a licensed teacher, courseware, and student support.

Who are ideal candidates for PACE?

  • Seniors transferring from another division that need coursework not previously required.
  • Seniors in need of coursework for early completion of graduation requirements.
  • Students transferring to CCPS previously on a 4X4 schedule.

Students who are under-credit and in need of coursework for on-time completion of graduation requirements.

Course Offerings

The following courses are offered through the PACE program at both the comprehensive and honors level

  • Economics and Personal Finance
  • English Offerings: English 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Math Offerings: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, AFDA
  • Science Offerings: Earth Science, Biology, Biology 2, Chemistry, Physics
  • Social Studies Offerings: World History 1. World History 2, VA/US History, VA/US Government

What is the “Early Completion” option?

Early Completion allows students to take courses through PACE in the first semester and complete their graduation requirements by January. They do not “officially” graduate until June, but they can receive an unofficial transcript. Early completion is available within the PACE program for students who may be starting community college early, going into the military, working full time, extenuating life circumstances, want to graduate earlier, or older/5th year seniors. The following courses are offered in our Early Completer format:

  • Economics and Personal Finance
  • Elective Offerings: Visual Art 1, Visual Art 2
  • English Offerings: English 12
  • Health/PE Offerings: Health and PE 9, Health and PE 10
  • Math Offerings: Algebra 2, Trigonometry/Analysis
  • Science Offerings: Oceanography, Physics
  • Social Studies Offerings: VA/US History, VA/US Government

Interested in learning more?

The counselor at your school of residence can discuss your individual circumstances and help determine if options through CCPSOnline PACE are a good fit for your needs.